10 Next Level Sex Toys for Couples

10 Next Level Sex Toys for Couples

Ask any happy couple that’s been together any length of time what their secret is and there are certain things they’re sure to swear by. Communication and forgiveness are absolute musts, of course. So is a willingness to put your partner first. And of course no great relationship can be considered complete without hot sex and plenty of it! Great sex lives definitely don’t exist in a vacuum though. They require ongoing effort and creativity in order to maintain their sizzle, especially over the long term.

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That said, sex toys aren’t just a wonderful way to get more out of your solo playtime. They’re also fantastic ways for couples to get closer to one another by exploring new sensations together. They’re a really simple (and fun) way to keep from falling into a sexual rut as well. Try adding one or more of the following toys to your repertoire and see what happens! Sex will never be boring or routine again.


BThrilled classic vibratorNo well-stocked toy chest can possibly be considered complete without at least one really great wand massager. The sheer versatility wand massagers bring to the table makes them a great fit for couples that like to be spontaneous and improvise in the bedroom. Go straight for the good spots right away or start slowly with a soothing body massage first. It’s totally up to you!

If you’re looking for the wand to beat all wands, the Bthrilled Classic is for you. Its sleek, ergonomic design and silky-feeling silicone head make for an amazing user experience either alone or with a partner. Five powerful vibration patterns let you finetune your pleasure session with the touch of a button. Plus, the Bthrilled is waterproof! Enjoy it together in the tub, the shower, the Jacuzzi, or anywhere else that tickles your fancy!


glow in the dark vibratorSometimes there’s nothing like a classic dildo when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, but the Radiance isn’t just any dildo. It’s an especially fun addition to a couple’s toy chest because of the way it quite literally lights up your sex life.

The Radiance glows in the dark, making intimate encounters fun and playful in an entirely new way. It’s also practical in other ways that are sure to come in handy. For instance, the Radiance is completely harness compatible, so your options are wide open as far as how you can use it. It’s also constructed from premium body-safe silicone that’s velvety soft to the touch, but dual density so it’s also good and firm in all the right ways.


cock ring bibratorLooking for a way to take even the hottest penetrative sex to the next level? Nothing does the trick quite like a few good vibrations. Couples vibrators like the C-Ringz Ride N Glide make adding a vibrator to the mix a deliciously seamless process. Just slip it on, turn it on, and enjoy!

Best of all, the Ride N Glide turns up the dial in the pleasure department for both partners. A textured vibrating stimulator delivers exquisite sensations directly to her clitoris as the two of you move together. Meanwhile, the wraparound design of the ring helps him stay harder and thicker than ever while he also enjoys a series of pulsating, ultra-powerful vibrations.


bdesired vibratorIn the market for a truly versatile vibrator? Want something that transitions easily from solo play to partnered play (or vice versa)? If so, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at the Bdesired Deluxe. Its smooth design and ultra-silky contoured tip is just as perfect for stimulating the clitoris, perineum, or nipples as it is for penetration.

The Bdesired also couldn’t be easier to use. A single button built into its seamless design allows you to effortlessly cycle through six incredible functions at will, making it easy for both partners to finetune the sensation to fit their preference or mood. Plus, the Bdesired is made entirely of hygienic, nonporous materials, so it’s perfect for sharing with a partner or using it together at the same time. Cleaning is as simple as rinsing with soap and water!


mini vibe sex toySome features and qualities really do make a sex toy ideal for couple’s play. Flexible designs allow for phenomenal stimulation of numerous body parts and areas. Plenty of modes and settings allow each partner to adjust sensations so everything’s exactly how they like it no matter what they’re in the mood for.

Even so, some toys really break the mold when it comes to versatility – toys like the Clandestine Mimic Vibe. A beautiful ergonomic design makes it easy to deliver positively delicious stimulation to absolutely any erogenous zone from the smallest sweet spot to much larger areas. Enjoy eight different vibration modes, each more exquisite than the last.

Plus, the Mimic can easily and discreetly go anywhere you go! Lock it for stress-free travel. Effortlessly charge it via any USB-compatible power source. Tough, waterproof construction allows you take it anywhere you feel like playing, so don’t be afraid to get creative.


kiroo pearl sex toyWhile there’s certainly nothing wrong with sharing a single toy between the two of you when it’s time to get down and dirty, there’s also something to be said for “just for you” alternatives. If you’re a male-female couple that sees sex toys as an indispensable part of your love life, you won’t want to miss out on the Pearl and Onyx toy set from Kiiroo.

The black Onyx is a Fleshlight-style toy made just for him, complete with retracting rings that perfectly mimic the intercourse experience. The white Pearl is a perfectly shaped G-spot vibrator made just for her, complete with five awesome vibration settings. That’s not all though. Both toys are seamlessly connected to one another via Bluetooth technology. The Onyx lets him simultaneously feel every move she’s making with her Pearl, allowing for a fantastic interactive experience unlike any other. Perfect for keeping long-distance relationships spicy or for staying perfectly connected even when life requires you to be apart physically!


fun factory sex toyClassic wand toys aren’t the only options capable of delivering a fantastic all-over body experience. The Fun Factory Laya II is ideal for soothing both male and female bodies in a variety of different ways. A streamlined ergonomic design lets the Laya hug and caress every single curve you and your partner have.

Start off slowly by treating yourself or your partner to a luxurious massage to soothe tired muscles. Then, if the mood strikes, take things to the next level. She’ll love the way it enhances penetrative sex by adding a few good vibrations to the mix. He’ll love the way the Laya feels against his shaft, balls, or perineum during oral. You’ll both love coming up with even more creative ways to put this versatile little toy to good use!


bbold premium vibratorThe Bbold Premium is yet another amazing multi-functional massager that opens the door to endless possibilities as far as how it can be used. A smooth body-safe surface and sleek ergonomic design make it ideal for stimulating absolutely any erogenous zone to perfection from her clitoris, to his shaft, to nipples and beyond.

It’s just as easy to operate as it is fun to use as well. Turn the massager on or off and cycle through seven magnificent functions via a simple two-button interface. Clean up is just as much of a snap. Since the Bbold is nonporous and hygienic, all you need to do is wash with warm, soapy water and you’re all set.


tryst sex toyHere we have a truly versatile massager that was definitely designed with both women and men in mind. Slip it onto the penis to enjoy either as a solo-play vibe or a vibrating cock ring during partnered sex. Let the firm, flexible arms do double duty as clitoral vibrators or nipple teasers.

It’s not just the shape that makes the Tryst so amazingly flexible either. Three quiet but powerful motors let you cycle through seven different vibration settings, as well as control the arms and base separately. Perfect for creative couples that expect more from their toys!


partner plus sex toyIf you’ve ever been the fortunate owner of Satisfyer Pro 2, you’ll absolutely love the Satisfyer Partner Plus. Like other Satisfyer toys, the Satisfyer Partner Plus definitely delivers in the pleasure department. However, it also packs a few upgrades in order to better pleasure more than one person at the same time.

To begin with, the Partner Plus comes with not one but two super powerful motors for some truly next-level stimulation. Also, you’ll find the diameter of the toy is larger – ideal for making sure he enjoys the vibration-enhanced lovemaking just as thoroughly as she does. Add it to your collection today for future experiences you’ll never forget!


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