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  • mile high club sex

    The Mile-High Club: You’re Doing It Wrong

    Some people love mixing the thrill of sex with the added thrill of risk-taking. Calico isn’t one of those people — although she can understand, to some extent at least, the thrill that comes with the possibility of getting caught in the act. She’s always figured that chance of getting caught was part of the […] More

  • woman smoking bong

    Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom?

    Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom? Evidently, there’s some recent research which suggests people who smoke cannabis have a stronger sex drive and/or enjoy having sex more than people who don’t smoke weed. Calico is open to the possibility this is true, but will likely never find out for herself, because that’s certainly not how she remembers […] More

  • nude racing
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    Sex Humor – Do I Have To Do The Racing Part?

    For some reason, a lot of people seem to think having sex around the time you’re going to compete in a racing or athletic event will sap your strength, or distract you from the competitive task at hand. This is why you see some coaches banning their players from having sex during the World Cup, […] More

  • cell phone shower
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    You Even Check Your Phone WHEN?

    Nothing makes Calico feel old faster than hanging around with her nieces — especially when they won’t put down their phone during dinner, leaving her no choice but to try to make conversation with chairs and utensils, or even worse, other adults. Still, even though she’s becoming more accustomed to the constant mobile device use […] More

  • rudy giuliani sex

    Rudy, Let’s Talk About Sex Work, Reputations And Credibility

    Calico thinks it’s pretty rich for Rudy Giuliani to question Stormy Daniels’ credibility and to question whether it’s possible to defame someone who works in porn. Does a former prosecutor really want to suggest sex workers have no credibility? Has he never tried a case in which a prostitute was an eyewitness to a crime? […] More

  • fisting foley artist

    Fisting A Jar Of Mayonnaise For Fun And Profit

    Fisting A Jar Of Mayonnaise For Fun And Profit. Have you ever been watching a movie and wondered to yourself “how did they do that?” after seeing an impressive special effect, or particularly wild car crash stunt? Of course you have – because everybody has done that. Have you ever wondered the same about a sound effect, […] More

  • sexpert postions

    This Sexpert Clearly Has Never Been To Arizona In June

    It’s always nice to get a good tip for improving your sex life, but some tips aren’t a good fit for all readers. Some sex positions require a degree of flexibility Calico has never had, for example, let alone the flexibility she has now as a 40-something. Other tips only work for partners who are […] More

  • percentage dogs in bed during sex poll

    What percentage of people allow their pets in the room during sex?

    What percentage of people allow their pets in the room during sex?  Among the many things which can serve as distractions or interruptions during sex, pets rank pretty high on the list. Whether it’s barking which makes you wonder if someone has just pulled up in your driveway, or scratching at the bedroom door by […] More

  • bored couple bed

    They Forgot One: Familiarity Breeds Meh

    They Forgot One: Familiarity Breeds Meh When a person doesn’t want to have sex, what drives their lack of desire? An article Calico read recently endeavors to answer that question, offering eight different reasons why people find themselves unaroused and uninterested. It’s a good list, with plenty of truth to it. It includes things such […] More

  • woman nose orgasm

    So, Now It’s “Bizarre” To Blow My Nose?

    So, Now It’s “Bizarre” To Blow My Nose? If you’ve read much of Calico’s work, then you know one of her great loves is wild, salacious headlines — and one of her great pet peeves is when such headlines are followed by articles which don’t live up to the hype of the text which appears […] More

  • man doing housework dishes

    Also True: He Sucks At Doing Dishes

    Also True: He Sucks At Doing Dishes Do you have trouble getting your significant other to do housework and the dishes? If you answered that question with a yes, chances are your significant other is a heterosexual male, according to the results of one recent survey, at least. The good news is that the same […] More

  • masturbation month
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    On My Calendar, EVERY Month Is “Masturbation Month”

    On My Calendar, EVERY Month Is “Masturbation Month” Whether it’s Oral Hygiene Awareness Month (February), National Bike Month (May) or Pancake Month (July), we all love one declared theme-month or another. Calico’s personal favorite is International Masturbation Month, which is going on as you read this. Calico doesn’t just like frequently engaging in the month’s […] More

  • sex confessions
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    Some Celebrity Sex Confessions Are More Interesting Than Others

    Aside from the fact that they’re famous, what makes a celebrity more interesting than anyone else? Certainly not their “sex confessions,” as Calico recently found out. After all, is there anything shocking, scandalous or even remotely fascinating about a woman who frequently has sex with her husband? Do we clasp our hands to the side […] More

  • first time sex

    Survey Says… Most First-Time Sex Is Awful

    A lot of sex surveys are silly, off-base or filled with responses which seem more like made-up figures designed to produce outrageous headlines, rather than represent legitimate responses from survey-takers. This is not the case with the latest survey Calico has stumbled across though, which asked people about their initial sexual encounters with new partners, […] More

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