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  • netflix binging

    Is Netflix Binging Really Leading People To Have Less Sex?

    It seems like every time she turns around, Calico sees another article blaming modern entertainment and communications technologies for some societal ill or another. A rise in car accidents? Must be people paying attention to their phones instead of the road. A decline in the country’s birth rate? Well, the answer clearly is…. people watching […] More

  • human sex trafficking

    So, About That “Human Trafficking” Allegedly Involved in the Robert Kraft Case…

    We hear an awful lot about “human trafficking” these days — and it’s a terrible crime, to be sure. Sometimes, though, what the police and prosecutors describe as human trafficking is really just prostitution, without the severe coercion, manipulation and exploitation that actual human trafficking involves. Take the Orchids of Asia Spa case, for example, […] More

  • incel meme

    Note To Incels: Nobody “Owes” Anybody Sex

    Word has it that there’s a “sex drought” in play in America right now – and everybody seems to have their own theory for what’s causing it. From overindulging in Netflix binges to the ubiquity of free online porn, social media addiction to large numbers of young adults living with their parents, theories about the […] More

  • rock and roll sex

    OK – But What Kind of Rock n’ Roll Do They Listen To?

    We’re all familiar with the old cliche about “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll,” but who knew there was scientific research about it? Well, OK — the scientific research is really just a survey, and it’s only about the “sex and drugs” part, but that’s not stopping Calico from speculating about how rock n’ roll […] More

  • CAV Sex

    Auto CAV Car Sex Problem Solved: Just Tilt the Seat Back

    If you’re Calico’s age and you think back to the depictions of the future you were exposed to in your youth, does our current reality measure up to the visions from yesteryear? In Calico’s mind, it certainly doesn’t — especially when it comes to transportation technologies. By now, she figured she’d be driving a flying […] More

  • bottoms up zoning

    Adult Zoning Putting Their Heads Up Their Own Asses To Stop ‘Bottoms Up’

    All over the country, cities and towns use zoning regulations and local code requirements to keep adult entertainment businesses from opening shop in areas where the city doesn’t want them. Typically, these businesses are strip clubs, adult bookstores, porn video shops and other things that any sane, rational person would identify as being “adult” in […] More

  • orgasmic meditation

    Finally, A Form of Meditation that Appeals to Me! (Orgasmic)

    Many years ago, as a stressed out 20-something, Calico gave meditation a try as an anxiety-reduction technique and a means to learn something about herself. In the process, all she really learned was that she wasn’t very good at “clearing her mind” — something which was particularly difficult to do when she was acutely aware […] More

  • Kamala Harris hypocrisy
    in ,

    Kamala Harris: Yes, It’s Hypocrisy – It’s Also Politics

    In response to an interview in which Kamala Harris came out in favor (sort of) of the decriminalization of sex work, one sex worker advocacy group is crying foul, pointing out that in her career as a prosecutor, Harris wasn’t exactly a friend of sex workers. While Calico can see the appeal of calling out […] More

  • kardashian cheater

    Oh Sure – Blame The Women He Cheats With, Not The Cheater

    Why is it when men cheat on their wives, girlfriends or fiances, a lot of people so quick to blame the “other woman,” rather than point a finger at the cheater himself? Calico has been asking herself that question as she reads about the breakup of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, especially after Khloe tweeted at […] More

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