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  • elderly sex dancing

    It’s Only “Surprising” If You Think People Stop Having Sex At 60

    Among the many unfair, untrue things people assume about the elderly is that they don’t have sex — and that they maybe even don’t want to. Data recently collected by European researchers suggests these assumptions are way off the mark, which probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise to the researchers, but evidently did. Why […] More

  • china censorship

    Censoring Porn In China, One AI-Detected Grunt At A Time

    In China, internet content censors are about to get a new tool for their censorious arsenal: Artificial intelligence which uses voice-recognition technology to identify and block porn. In reading about the AI, Calico noticed it operates by recognizing “pornographic words,” leading her to wonder how much non-porn content the AI may flag. How will it […] More

  • Guadalajara public sex
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    No Honey, We Can’t Move to Guadalajara

    As much as she loves the guy, Calico’s husband does make her scratch her head sometimes — and raise her eyebrows almost off her head at others. Out of nowhere, he’ll suddenly become briefly obsessed with some item he finds on the internet, whether it’s a list of the best pizza places in the country […] More

  • couple smoking pot

    The Other Third of Pot Smokers Were Too Busy Eating Cheetos To Have Sex

    Among pot smokers, it has long been believed that smoking weed before having sex enhances the experience. Calico, a former weed-smoker herself, has long believed this was just a line her pothead would-be lovers were feeding her in the hopes she’d want to confirm the theory with their help. As it turns out though, there’s […] More

  • sex fat beer man
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    Sex Humor – Have You Met My Partner?

    Judging by the number of headlines she sees which purport to offer the “real reason” why something has or hasn’t happened — like the real reason Roseanne Barr got fired, or the real reason we can’t lose weight on our current diets, or the real reason Kanye West hasn’t appeared on “Carpool Karaoke” — Calico […] More

  • couple in bed

    When Harry Met Post-Coital Dysphoria

    When Harry Met Post-Coital Dysphoria.  Ladies, how many times have you been lying next to your partner in bed right after sex wondering what he’s thinking? How many times have you come right out and asked him what he’s thinking? In all those responses, did any of them ever say “I’m so filled with shame […] More

  • funny hashtags

    And You’re Not Going To Tell Me WHICH Hashtags?

    Among Calico’s many great pleasures is reading hyperbolic scare-pieces, especially those reported at the local news level. Sure, the national news can get us all worked up about big ticket stuff like Ebola, terrorism and drug cartels, but if you want panic over something truly mundane, you’ve got to dig below the national news level. […] More

  • woman looking at calendar
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    Sex? I’ll Pencil You In, Right Between Spinning Class And Netflix Binging

    What do you look for in a lover? Good looks? Confidence? A job and reliable transportation? If you answered “good organizational skills” then boy does Calico have some research to back up your taste! Researchers in Germany have found a correlation between people with satisfying sex lives and people who have conscientious partners — leading […] More

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