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  • first time sex

    Survey Says… Most First-Time Sex Is Awful

    A lot of sex surveys are silly, off-base or filled with responses which seem more like made-up figures designed to produce outrageous headlines, rather than represent legitimate responses from survey-takers. This is not the case with the latest survey Calico has stumbled across though, which asked people about their initial sexual encounters with new partners, […] More

  • woman watching porn research

    Women Who Don’t Read Scientific Research Abstracts Are Probably Even Happier

    Science is great — but reporting about science research often isn’t. While scientists (ideally) seek the truth and base their conclusions on carefully researched evidence, people who write headlines are often merely concerned with getting people to read, or at least click-through to, the articles their outlet publishes. The difference in goals means, among other […] More

  • Patrick Shumba porn
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    An Unnecessary Apology — But A Poetic One

    It seems like every time you turn on the TV, check your social media feeds or even just poke your head out into the world, someone is making an apology for something. Whether it’s something they said, something they did, or something they “liked” but are embarrassed by, so they’re blaming it on “hackers” or “rogue […] More

  • sex positions tips

    Sexual Positions – It Depends On The Couch

    It seems like every time you turn around, someone has published a new article about the best sexual positions, or how to achieve the most pleasurable sex. Is outdoor sex the best, or can optimal pleasure be had in the back seat of a luxury vehicle? Should you watch porn with your partner, is doggy […] More

  • Tristan Thompson

    It’s A Good Thing Tristan Thompson Knows How To Rebound…

    If you’re the kind of guy who frequently upsets his significant other, it’s best to cultivate good groveling skills. In some cases, however, all the begging, apologizing, flower-buying and “honey do” list-conquering in the world just won’t be enough to get you back into the good graces of your partner. This being the hard truth, […] More

  • Lascivious

    Lascivious, Sure – But “Unnatural” Seems A Bit Much

    Sometimes, Calico wonders how the usage of certain legal terms works, or how it is that the specific language used to charge someone with a crime seems so far from the alleged crime itself. How can a plea bargain redefine reality in such a way that someone caught with tons of drugs ultimately stands accused […] More

  • inanimate object sex law

    Closure Needed: What KIND Of “Inanimate Object?”

    Closure Needed: What KIND Of “Inanimate Object?” Don’t you hate it when storytellers leave you hanging? It’s not so bad if it’s just for a week, or a Netflix series where you can just keep binging for another hour to see how things resolve, but when it’s a one-off anecdote and you never get to […] More

  • hiking man

    Men Are Even Lazier Than I Thought

    Men Are Even Lazier Than I Thought How far would you go for sex? I don’t mean this metaphorically; I’m asking *literally* how far would you travel if you knew sex awaited you at the end of your voyage? According to a recent survey conducted by a dating site, the answer for a lot of […] More

  • nerd porn

    Nerd Porn Humor – Really, Player One?

    Really, Player One? When it comes to judging the quality of poetry, quality is in the eye of the beholder. Still, there are certain judgments we can make, like the work of W.B. Yeats is better than that of John Bon Jovi (sorry passionate JBJ fans of New Jersey), or Walt Whitman had better facial […] More

  • bespoke anal surgery humor
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    Humor – And I’d Always Thought I Was From The “Grand Canyon” State…

    Humor: What’s your home state known for? Its official state bird maybe, or perhaps a particularly glorious natural wonder? How about your state’s favorite sex toy – is that something you’d ever wondered about? If so, good news: There’s a new study based on Google Shopping data which purports to answer the question! In her […] More

  • porn stache failures

    So, We’re Blaming Porn Mustaches For Political Failures Now?

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly people can come up with excuses to explain away their failures, and how far they’ll go to blame anything or anyone but themselves when things go wrong? As Calico notes, this practice is especially pronounced in the context of politics, where every losing candidate and her/his supporters is liable to […] More

  • airport layover sex shop
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    Now That’s What I Call A Layover!

    Now That’s What I Call A Layover! Calico hates airline travel — not so much the flying part, but the sitting in the airport with nothing to do part. This is why she’s so excited to hear a pop-up sex shop may soon set up in the San Francisco airport. Finally, something to do there […] More

  • dominatrix sex tips

    These Sex Tips From Dominatrixes Are Not What I Expected

    [Sex tips are everywhere you look on the internet these days, from Cosmo-style “how to please your man” stuff to highly-specific information on challenging sexual positions — all the way to advice on having sex with “spirits” from a woman who claims to be in a relationship with a 300 year-old Haitian pirate-ghost. Today, Calico looks […] More

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