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  • magic sex robot

    Of Magic, Magic Johnson and Performing Magic on Someone’s Johnson

    In looking around for sex-related news to read, Calico is accustomed to running across some subjects repeatedly, like “sex robots” when she searches for tech-related sex stories, or articles about state legislatures passing dumb, meaningless anti-porn resolutions. What she didn’t expect to see — and hadn’t seen until recently — is references to “magic” mixed […] More

  • Alyssa Milano Sex Strike

    Participate In A Sex Strike? No Thanks.

    There’s been a lot of talk about a “sex strike” lately — and like a lot of other women, Calico’s not having any of it. She’s not down on Alyssa Milano, who was really just trying to make a point and spur discussion of an important issue, but she’s certainly rejecting the notion of punishing […] More

  • Jill Duggar Dillard Sex Advice
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    Sex Advice Humor – Did The Lord Happen To Mention Which Vibrators Have The Best Battery Life?

    Calico is always on the lookout for sex advice — and not necessarily just good sex advice, because bad sex advice can be pretty funny sometimes. The most recent pointers Calico has stumbled across come from reality TV personality Jill Duggar Dillard, who seems to favor giving sex advice with a decidedly Christian viewpoint behind […] More

  • objectophile sex

    Objectophiles – Can Sex With A Storm Drain Ever Be “Safe”?

    As you know if you follow her work, one of Calico’s favorite genres of news reports is the “man fucks inanimate object in public” category — an area with a surprising depth of content. While many observers feel nothing but disgust and contempt for objectophiles, Calico considers them the unsung (and unintentional) comic heroes of […] More

  • sex exersize

    Is Sex “Exercise”? It Depends

    Since she’s never been fond of going to the gym, Calico is always looking for other ways to get exercise. Or, more accurately, she’s always looked for other things she’s already doing which she can COUNT as exercise if only to make her feel less guilty about being super lazy. Thinking about exercise and various […] More

  • Alibaba logo
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    Sex Humor: 996? No Thanks. 669? I’m Listening…

    When it comes to the work conditions which encourage productivity, employers, researchers and employees often find themselves on very different pages. Most bosses seem to believe their employees need to work longer hours and more days, while the data seems to suggest the point of diminishing returns comes sooner than these employers believe it does […] More

  • porn vaccine

    Porn – the public health crisis du jour – Is There A Vaccine For This?

    If you’re like Calico, you choose to stay informed on some things that a lot of other people would prefer not to think about at all — like hazardous product recalls, State Department travel advisories, major disease outbreaks, the arc of James Woods’ acting career and other total debacles. Despite her attempts to stay abreast […] More

  • astrologist zodiac sex advice
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    Is It Just Me, Or Are Sex Astrologists Getting Lazier?

    While Calico doesn’t put much stock in astrologists or horoscopes, reading them is a guilty pleasure of hers. This is especially true of sex horoscopes, where what Calico wants is as many specifics she can get, even if she doesn’t understand all the jargon about Taurus moons, Cancer suns, blue diamonds, purple horseshoes… wait, those […] More

  • netflix binging

    Is Netflix Binging Really Leading People To Have Less Sex?

    It seems like every time she turns around, Calico sees another article blaming modern entertainment and communications technologies for some societal ill or another. A rise in car accidents? Must be people paying attention to their phones instead of the road. A decline in the country’s birth rate? Well, the answer clearly is…. people watching […] More

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