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  • Couple trapped at the bedroom

    How to Sex up your Love Life on Holiday

    Going on a romantic holiday is something every couple enjoys. It doesn’t matter if your partner is a young fella, older man, or a member of the cougar dating niche, you’re probably going to enjoy a holiday together at some point of your relationship. That being said, you should know that sex plays an important role […] More

  • male foreplay

    Sexual Foreplay: Do Men Like Foreplay, Too?

    Doing the research on this topic Carrie Bradshaw style, I asked my long-term boyfriend whether men liked foreplay, and got a simple, “Not really.” The straight answer kind of took me off guard because to be perfectly honest; I can’t recall the last time we had a quickie. So what does that mean? If men […] More

  • Love toys
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    8 Game Changing Sex Toys to Add to Your Collection

    If you’re a sex-positive person, building a well-rounded collection of intimate playthings to enjoy is like maintaining a well-stocked pantry or a savings account. It’s not necessarily something everyone does, but it’s definitely something everyone could benefit from. Sex toys are the best way to get in touch with your body and take control of […] More

  • sex tips

    10 Essential Tips for Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Sex Life

    10 Essential Tips for Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Sex Life Whether you’re single, casually dating, or in a committed relationship, it goes without saying that a fulfilling, healthy approach to sex is essential. Getting in touch with yourself sexually and taking steps to maintain your ongoing sexual health are important not only to your […] More

  • sex position infographic

    Infographic – Steamy Sex Positions to enjoy with Adult toys

    Steamy Sex Positions to enjoy with Kinky Sex Toys. With Infographic! Healthy sex is a key to a healthy lifestyle Just like every other day, you can’t wear the same clothes so how could you and your partner would end up doing the same positions in bed? When was the last time you and your […] More

  • erotic couple
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    Hot Sex Tips to Give You More Erotic Pleasure

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that diverse erotic sexual positions can greatly benefit your sexual life. The more positions you use the better. Because each and every position has its unique effect on the quality of sexual intercourse. Therefore, the greater amount of positions allows you to experience more pleasure and have a really […] More

  • sex mistakes

    5 Typical First Time Sex Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

    Having sex for the first time is one of those experiences that sticks with you for years to come. It may not go as planned, it may feel awkward and just something you want to get done and move on to having real sex, but even if that’s the case, taking the time to ensure […] More

  • female orgasms

    Top 4 Myths and Facts about Female Orgasms

    Female orgasms – for some the simplest thing, for others, well, an unachievable goal. There are many urban legends about this magical event, which according to some happens once every three years or something like that. It doesn’t matter where it takes place – in the bedroom, in a shopping mall changing room or on […] More

  • mutual masturbation

    How Mutual Masturbation can Help Create Intimacy

    Intimacy may come easy for some couples, but we all know that becoming genuinely intimate with someone is not always a cakewalk. Whether you’ve found someone via “love at first sight” method or on a cougar dating site, it can be quite challenging to reach full intimacy with them. However, there are a couple of […] More

  • phone sex

    Sex Hotlines In The 21st Century – How Do Those Hold Up?

    Remember sex hotlines and naughty phone lines? These were incredibly popular back in the 1990s and early 2000s, but how are they holding up today? Considering that the Internet porn took over the entire world in the meantime, sex hotlines became somewhat obsolete. Nowadays, most singles tend to meet people online and enjoy sex vicariously […] More

  • brain sex organ

    Why the Brain is your Most Important Sex Organ

    When talking about sex organs, the brain isn’t what comes to mind, but when we think about it, especially for us girls, the entire sexual experience begins and ends in the brain. If we’re too tired from being up all night with the kids, too exhausted from meeting short deadlines, worried about health concerns, trying […] More

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