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  • sex mistakes

    5 Typical First Time Sex Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

    Having sex for the first time is one of those experiences that sticks with you for years to come. It may not go as planned, it may feel awkward and just something you want to get done and move on to having real sex, but even if that’s the case, taking the time to ensure […] More

  • female orgasms

    Top 4 Myths and Facts about Female Orgasms

    Female orgasms – for some the simplest thing, for others, well, an unachievable goal. There are many urban legends about this magical event, which according to some happens once every three years or something like that. It doesn’t matter where it takes place – in the bedroom, in a shopping mall changing room or on […] More

  • mutual masturbation

    How Mutual Masturbation can Help Create Intimacy

    Intimacy may come easy for some couples, but we all know that becoming genuinely intimate with someone is not always a cakewalk. Whether you’ve found someone via “love at first sight” method or on a cougar dating site, it can be quite challenging to reach full intimacy with them. However, there are a couple of […] More

  • phone sex

    Sex Hotlines In The 21st Century – How Do Those Hold Up?

    Remember sex hotlines and naughty phone lines? These were incredibly popular back in the 1990s and early 2000s, but how are they holding up today? Considering that the Internet porn took over the entire world in the meantime, sex hotlines became somewhat obsolete. Nowadays, most singles tend to meet people online and enjoy sex vicariously […] More

  • brain sex organ

    Why the Brain is your Most Important Sex Organ

    When talking about sex organs, the brain isn’t what comes to mind, but when we think about it, especially for us girls, the entire sexual experience begins and ends in the brain. If we’re too tired from being up all night with the kids, too exhausted from meeting short deadlines, worried about health concerns, trying […] More

  • open relationships facts

    Are People in Open Relationships Happier?

    Itching to download Tinder and meet people online even though you’re married or in a long-term relationship? If your partner is into being in an open relationship, you two are definitely onto something. For years, consensually monogamous people have been trying to convince the world that they are happier than people who are unmarried or […] More

  • erotic twitter feeds

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    Top 6 Erotic Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

    We live in a society dominated by high-tech devices and the Internet. Naturally, most people these days prefer to meet people online, via dating and matchmaking platforms. Even though these websites are incredibly popular nowadays, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also have an important role when it comes to dating and other […] More

  • erotic podcasts
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    Top 6 Erotic Podcasts you want to Start Listening to ASAP

    Pornography can be many things – much like beauty, it’s in the eye (or the ear) of the beholder. For most people, it’s watching porn videos, for others it’s reading erotic books and for some it’s browsing through BBW dating profiles. However, there is one more form of porn that not many people know about: […] More

  • erotic instagram
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    Top 6 Erotic Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

    There is meeting cute and sexy girls online for sexting, dating and everything in between, and then there is the fantasy world full of hot babes we can only dream of meeting, online or otherwise. If you’re not too keen to meet people online at the moment, and would just like to feast your eyes, […] More

  • erotic intelligence

    Erotic Intelligence – What Is It And How To Unlock It

    Erotic Intelligence – Most people tend to think that just because they have sex on a regular basis, they’re automatically erotic creatures. This, however, is not necessarily true. Eroticism is much more complex than a regular sexuality, and this is something most couples simply don’t understand these days. It really doesn’t matter if you met […] More

  • sex toy vibrator

    From Sex Toys To Penis Pumps – The Most Interesting Sex Toys In 2018

    Kinkiness. It’s something we all have and share. It’ really doesn’t matter if you’re into BBW dating, S&M, BDSM, or regular relationships, somewhere along the line you’ll feel the need to try out some sex toys. There is something so naughty and tempting about these toys which makes people even more passionate in the sheets. […] More

  • relationship advice

    5 Ways To Keep The Erotic Spark In Your Relationship

    Back in the day, long-term relationship and marriages were almost nothing more than political and practical structures of society. Today, however, marriage is all about love and equality. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good thing, but being promised to someone until the rest of your life might negatively affect the passion inside of […] More

  • erotic capital
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    Have You Got Erotic Capital?

    No, erotic capital has nothing to do with whether you prefer to get down and dirty with senior singles in Budapest or Bangkok, and it has everything to do with how sexually attractive your group perceives you to be. The notion of erotic capital dates back thousands of years, but the term is linked to […] More

  • erotic music reviews

    Erotic Art Series: Part 6 – Best Erotic Music

    While some of us struggle with what’s the best way to approach a gal on a BBW dating site, others can’t figure out if they really want a threesome or not. And while all this is happening, there are still people who are looking for something that will improve their intimacy with their partner, especially […] More

  • erotic books

    Erotic Art Series: Part 5 – Best Erotic Books

    One of the greatest things about erotica lies in the fact that it comes in many faces, shapes, and forms, all depending on an individual perception of it including books. And while one may dream about finding their Western match and making gentle love under the starry sky, others may fantasize about chains, whips, and […] More

  • erotic ads

    Erotic Art Series: Part 3 – Best Erotic Ads

    Sex sells! This is an undeniable fact that entrepreneurs, businessmen, and companies around the world use to sell their products in ads. For example, motorcycle companies will use a sexy model who looks exactly like your perfect western match just to convince you that their product is the best on the market. However, using sex […] More

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